I send you POST CARD to any country in the world with hope for the WORLD PEACE【CLOSED THANKS!】


The country I’ve sent postcards so far
Bulgaria, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan

Hello. My name is Ai who writes this blog. I’m very appreciate about you find my blog and I gratitude this miracle encounter.

The Coronavirus restricted our travel to the world, and I was unable to accept this reality. There is no space on this planet where we can rest comfortably without worry or effort.

I realized that the days of finding answers in the physical world are over. The feelings and situations of each of us are immeasurable. It would be impossible for someone to understand all of your worries and sufferings.

Because the depth and color of each person’s heart and soul are overwhelmingly different. I’m surely… If you ask for understanding others, it will cause additional pain. I can’t understand others is because I’m insensitive? It is not good to blame yourself like this also. Not denying others or things is just enough now.

After I gave up to travel all over the world due to a pandemic and returning to Japan, I started looking for my new way.

I prayed, apologized, slept, and acted.

And I thought what can I do from Osaka (Japan) where I am now to this world? In other words, How to continue my “travel” while staying in Osaka? I thought about every day.

There was only one answer. It is to keep creating my travel story on this blog while I am alive. And one of another answer that came down suddenly this morning was “Send a postcards to the world”.

It is difficult to find dreams and hopes right now. It is so dark now that humans need to be more touch to the beauty and limitless the world, and to remember your dreams and hopes.

This world is limitless. There are beautiful and full of love. The world we live in has not changed at all since I started writing this blog. Only we humans have changed crazy.

One month after I returned to Japan, I was walking in my home country with carefully, I felt that people looks very dark (including me). It may be unavoidable for the time, but i wonder how can I make these people smile? How can I reimplant some warm things and hopeful hearts to these people?

The answer came up was to send a postcard. It’s something I just want to do from my heart.

But only requirement is… Be sure to decorate the post card with somewhere in your house where you definitely will be able to see it every day. Then please feel something warm or just be smile even one moment in each day.

My friends in India

That’s the only reason I send you postcards. If you have a smile and warmth, your around will change. We must believe that if the around you changed, the world will change too and our world definitely will better finally.

The mailing lifeline is still live, so I don’t use digital. I prefer paper-card with my hand letters in my original postcard as I designed.

I have choosed strong paper texture even this is not perfect material for photo print but I hope you will be still like it.

So please see below gallery what I chose as best for postcards and please select from here If you like. I chose carefully what I felt was “beautiful” and “love”.

When you applying, please fill in the「Title」displayed at the bottom of the photo.

The picture you want to be a postcard can be selected from all my posted in the my (past blog also okay:D) blog. The pictures used in my blog is my original, so I think that almost all pictures can be sent as postcards.

If you don’t have a photo request, please tell me your favorite colors and things. I will select Intuitively for you and sent it.


I realized that I could still go on travel even when I was in Japan. Yeah, the answer was to keep writing my blog on my pace. Now that everyone can’t go on a travel, I will write down all my experienced adventures and how beauty of our world as I possible. I am grateful to be able to send a part of it to everyone as a postcard. I’m keep going my way.